First Step Partners LLC is a real estate investment company that provides fulfilling real estate solutions for home sellers, for the last 9 years. First Step Partners is looking to buy property, for our own portfolio, that fits our criteria. If your property meets our requirements, we will make you an offer to purchase the property. It's that simple!


If you need to sell your property, for any reason, contact us today to have a straight forward discussion about how we may be able to buy your property quickly, in some cases as fast as 3 to 7 days!


First Step Partners is operated by a team of real estate investors with many years of experience in handling even the most complicated real estate transactions. 

Are you in any of the below situations?

Little to no equity?

In need of repairs?

Previously listed?

Already moved?

Code violations?

Making double payments?

Rental property?



Our diverse team of real estate experts has experience in all aspects of real estate. If we buy your home, we will work with you to make your home sale process as simple as possible while providing you with the most up to date information of your transaction process as it develops. Contact us today to see if your home qualifies!

JC and Tammy Gauthier

Senior Managing Partners

JC’s 25+ year background as a Senior Software Engineer/Computer Systems Analyst allows him to bring much needed development and automation systems to the Real Estate Investing arena.

Tammy has worked in Sales/Marketing Management and General Operations for the last 20 years. She brings vast knowledge in the implementation of multiple types of systems and people management to create a seamless flowing business environment. Tammy manages our Associates, as well as maintains our day to day relationships with other Real Estate Professionals across the US. 

Let us help you take the first step towards your Real Estate goal today! Start by clicking on the button below to submit your property now!

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