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Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying lead sources
  • Gathering of targeted lead data
  • Qualifying leads
  • Skip tracing
  • Deal Analyzing
  • Comparables
  • Database management
  • Software recommendations including setup and management
  • Website creation & maintenance
  • Business strategy and implementation
  • Development of business processes
  • Streamlining existing systems and processes
  • Social media management/advertising
  • Development of all training from the ground up.

We help you build a team and interact through weekly calls to exchange information and education that serves to entice a hunger for learning more, doing more, and becoming more knowledgeable and efficient in the industry.

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JC and Tammy Gauthier

Senior Managing Partners

Jean-Claude’s (J.C.)  has a 30+ year background as a Senior Software Engineer/Computer Systems Analyst and Senior Team Manager, which allows him to bring much needed development and automation systems to the Real Estate Investing arena.  This makes it easier for business owners to properly manage their needs and goals. JC also has extensive knowledge and experience in negotiating with property sellers and he is the creative mind behind structuring our deals. This allows FSP to make more creative offers to better suit our clients needs. 

Tammy has worked in Sales/Marketing Management and General Operations for the last 25 years. She brings a vast knowledge in the implementation of multiple types of systems and people management to create a seamless flowing business environment.  Tammy manages our Associates, as well as maintains our day to day relationships with other Real Estate Professionals across the US.

We know and understand how challenging it can be running a real estate business, while learning all the different strategies, building processes and putting together the perfect team.  We have built the systems.  Learn from our mistakes instead of making your own.  More importantly, save your precious invaluable time!

Schedule a call with us to see how we can help you take the First Step towards your Real Estate goals today! 

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