Why a cash offer?


A Cash Offer is best for those who need to sell their property quickly, in the next 30-60 days.

First Step Partners will make a cash offer on your property for the current market value of your home, minus repairs and holding cost. If this is something that may interest you please contact us today to discuss the specifics.



What are Terms?


An offer can vary in terms. Terms are the amount of cash down and monthly payments we can structure to fit your financial needs, based on your situation. Please email us an overview of your situation and we will be happy to call you to review what terms are available based on your individual requirements. We will work hard to make it the most beneficial terms to suit your goals.



Why choose a Payment Purchase Program?


With a Payment Purchase Program, we can get you the best price for your home without having to pay any Realtor commissions.

Our services cost you nothing, we get paid from the tenant-buyer. 

Most of our buyers typically get approved for financing in 12-24 months.

You can cancel our agreement anytime. 

Our buyers are responsible for all the day-to-day maintenance and repairs. 

We don't just put a buyer in your home and then walk away, our mortgage broker will continue to work with them and help them improve their credit throughout the entire Payment Purchase period. 



Bottom line - we can save you money, sell your house faster,
and get you the best price possible!

Call/text us to see how we can help you take
the first steps towards home ownership!

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